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Marriage License

I recommend that you apply for your marriage license at least one month before your wedding day. Both parties must be present and show proof of identification to include proof of age. If a previous marriage existed, you must show proof that you are no longer married.


Marriage License is valid for 90 days. Check with County Clerk for current fees. There are two types of marriage licenses, Public and Confidential.


Public - You can get married anywhere in the State of California     and is a public record.


Confidential - You must be married in the county that issued the license. With a confidential license, there is no public record.


Certified Copy of Marriage License


The certified copy is what the new wife/spouse uses to change their name on all important documents, such as Social Security, bank accts, safety deposit boxes, medical and life insurance records, deeds of property, CD's, 401K's, driver's license, and all other personal records.


To obtain a certified copy of your marriage license, you will need to complete the application (sometimes supplied by county clerk) with the current published fees. I can process that for you when I process the marriage license. The "Certificate of Identity" section MUST be notarized - only one party needs to sign in the presence of notary. No notarization is required if you apply in person.


Most counties take approximately 3-10 weeks to process the certified copy. Certified copies will be sent directly to you from the County Clerk's office. 



Michael Ramirez
Reverend/Wedding Officiant

Montebello, CA


      Michael Ramirez is an ordained Reverend and Wedding Officiant  located  in the  City of Montebello.

Rev. Michael officiates wedding ceremonies in Southern California and around the greater Los Angeles area. 


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